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New Album: Wings- Bangtan Boys

“Peaches and cream. Sweeter than sweet.”

I was expecting BIG things from Bangtan’s comeback, obviously…but I got more than I bargained for. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” is an incredible track and a new direction for the boys. When I first watched the teaser I assumed they were going for a slower, more sophisticated feel. What I didn’t anticipate was an infectious rhythm that would get me up and dancing. This title track has a reggae-tone feel to it, paired with electronic sounds and house melodies. Although a bit repetitive, it allows listeners to sing along.  (Yes, even listeners like me, who don’t speak Korean.) Let’s be honest by the third hook, we were all singing “wonhae manhi manhi”!

As for the rest of the album, Wings was not my favorite record that BTS has produced thus far, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. This time each member prepared their own solo track that detailed their own personal stories. While listening to their solos, I felt a sense of pride because I’ve been a fan for a long time now. Their growth is just remarkable. Aside from the title track, which I loved, my favorite tracks include: “Begin”, “Mama”, “Am I Wrong” and “21st Century Girls”.

And lucky for us fangirls (and boys) BTS prepared live stages for their comeback on M Countdown. I enjoyed watching every minute. Check them out below!


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